What is a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop?

Every donation of at least $10 will be assigned to a numbered golf ball. On the day of the event a REAL helicopter will drop all of the golf balls at a target hole. The first one in (or closest to the pin) will win a CASH PRIZE up to $1,500!!!  You do NOT need to be present to WIN...The winner of our last golf ball drop was from Sun Prairie, WI.  Proceeds from this magnificent event will go towards a UW Scholarship for an Orange County student. Our golf tournament event is biggest fundraiser for scholarships.    

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

$10 - 1 ball - "Memorial Union Terrace" Par Player

$25 - 3 balls - "Daily Cardinal" Birdie Shooter

$50 - 7 balls - "Picnic Point Bald" Eagle

$100 - 15 balls - "University Ridge" Hole-in-One Pro

$250 - 35 balls - "Bucky Badger's New Best Friend!!"

Custom amount (multiples of $10)